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How much do you pay to have your British automobile repaired?

If you are not a British Auto Center customer then you are probably paying too much.

Here's why:

• Our labor is only $86.00 an hour

• We have an Autologic computer to provide accurate and efficient diagnosis for Land Rover vehicles (for more information see www.autologic-diagnos.com).

• We have over $150,000 worth of new parts in stock.

• We are the only British automobile service center with a Washington Auto Dismantlers license. This means we can provide you with quality vintage and modern parts from our salvage vehicles at great prices.

• We can use our use parts to effectively diagnose problems with your car meaning that we can fix your vehicle fast without having to charge you money for part you don't need.

• For the owners of older vehicles we have many new and used parts. Parts for older vehicles that are no longer produced and no longer sold have been kept safely within our salvage yard over the years and we use them to repair customers vehicles.

• We can repair vehicles with the correct fasteners and other parts that are only available when you take your car to the dealer or if you have a wrecking yard. In some shops when a small part is lost or broken the part is omitted or a poor substitute is used. That situation never happens here thanks to the salvage yard.

We now also offer fuel system service!

About the Snap-On EEFS305A FuelKare™ System:

The new Snap-on® FuelKare™ system pulse-cleans the fuel rail and fuel lines; removes soft carbon buildup in the combustion chamber, induction passages, on the intake valves, and in the intake manifold. A two-stage process, engine off, engine on, ensures a thorough and effective cleaning. The result is restored engine performance and reduced vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. The Snap-on® FuelKare™ system also automatically troubleshoots fuel system components prior to starting service. Fully portable, 12V DC operation.

EEFS305A FuelKare™ System Features

• Two- or one-line “quick” service options
• Intuitive, fully electronic controls with step-by-step sequencing
• Electronically controlled diagnostic features to check flow rate, deadhead pressure, running pressure and leakdown
• Standard adapter kit covers 90% plus of popular domestic and import cars and light trucks
• Deluxe adapter kit provides extended coverage for less common/more complex applications